Why does Mr Goenka recommend we serve on courses?

"If you really want to get established in Dhamma, if you really want to apply Dhamma in your day-to-day life, give some service in Dhamma courses and get proper training. By giving Dhamma service in a course, you are fulfilling the teaching of the Buddha which is not just to help yourself to get liberated but also to help others to get liberated. Therefore, I keep recommending to my students, 'As you find time of ten days for purifying your mind for your own development in Dhamma, you must also give at least ten days in a year to serve others so that both the aspects of Buddha's teaching become stronger in you.'

I want all of you to keep growing in Dhamma, not just to take courses and then to forget about it. You have to apply Dhamma in life. And to apply it in life, serve at least one course a year to get the strength to apply it in life. May you all keep growing in Dhamma-not only for your good and benefit, not only for your liberation, but also for the good and benefit of so many others, for the liberation of so many others.

Bhavatu sabba mangalam!"

Can I just call in and serve for a few days?

Please contact the center to see if there are any jobs that need doing. You will then need to fill in an application form. The manager will help with this.

Are there individual meditation cells?

There are no meditation cells at Dhamma Sukhakārī. When not in a group meditation session you are welcome to meditate in your room if you prefer.


Rooms have either 2 or 3 bunk beds in each. Please see the picture gallery of this web site.

Can I come to sit my own self course when ever I want ?

Old student are not permitted to just drop in and just start a self course. They are welcome to apply to sit there own self course but entry is subject meeting entry requirements plus they need the agreement of an Assistant Teacher.

What time do 3 day courses start and finish ?

Please arrive for registration between 2 and 5pm. A meal is served at 6.30pm and there will be an orientation talk at 7.15.

Courses start at 8pm, on day 0 and end around 4pm on day 3. If you are traveling by train this will leave you enough time to get the the station.